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We are looking for amazing people to partner with who would like to promo our courses. It’s for online promo work so on your social media bio’s etc (FREE TO SIGNUP)

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Normally we offer 10% of any profit made from sales of these online courses but there is a chance for this to increase the more sales you send our way! 

Any payments to you are securely done via PayPal! Plus with your own login details to our online platform you can keep a check on any sales and payments owed to you!

We have people who just have their personal link displayed on their bio page (replacing any website etc)  and then we have people who post photos and posts about their link these people obviously have a higher click rate and earn more! For example one of our affiliates posted herself in a bikini (pre holiday spray tan) on Instagram with an amazing tan with the post simply saying learn to tan like a pro with a link and her discount code! it’s really that simple!

The great news is you can work as hard as you like to promo the courses but obviously the harder you work the more you earn to spend on the things you love and deserve just like a cheeky little holiday heehee.

What’s to lose signup now for free. Simply signup to an account no need to buy a course just make sure you say YES to become an affiliate and we will get the ball rolling.

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Mirka Pittnerova
Mirka Pittnerova
Qualified Accredited Tutor

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With years of experience and a passion to teach we welcome you to our courses. Please feel free to contact us with any questions myself and my team will be more than happy to help

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