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For those wishing to go on to offering nail treatments this is a fantastic way to start.

The majority of people wishing to offer gel or acrylic nails will first need to have completed a manicure training course before then being excepted on to advanced course such as gel nails.


I personally I paid a few hundred pounds to do a manicure course just so I could enrol on a gel polish course!

SHHHH don't let them know LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE remember this will save you time and money!!

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Hayley Stanmore

Highly recommend Celo for courses

Sima Akser

Enjoyed this course very much.

Very concise and easy to follow.

Tayla Lock


I had so much fun doing this and learning the ins and outs of your ail. You don't realize how important it is to know about your nails till you do this course.

Emily Barrett

Manicure Course

Excellent course, so easy to follow with videos, pictures and text. Also lots of information given from equipment to insurance for business. Would recommend to anyone looking to start a beauty business.

Mirka Pittnerova
Mirka Pittnerova
Qualified Accredited Tutor

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